Today, the team of Sure Tree Landscaping Inc is going to discuss a few methods for tree removal that should help you get a basic idea about how you can get rid of a dead old tree which is posing hazard to your property.

While the traditional method of tree removal usually means using a chainsaw, there are several different variations to this process that contractors providing tree services use. Many tall trees need a bucket truck to get them removed. By raising a person high into the air next to a tree, the expert can easily remove the tree by cutting it in pieces. This technique stops any potential dropping of a fully grown tree onto buildings, fences, cars or roadways.

Another method to remove them is to climb the actual tree, and then proceed to cutting off all the branches and limbs whilst sitting on it. This one, of course, is a bit more unsafe which makes it less popular.

Sometimes, when a tree removal crew arrives to fell a tree in Mount Pleasant, TX, they find that it is looming over a roadway or building. This presents a potential hazard due to the fact the limbs or branches cannot just be simply dropped when they are cut, not without substantial damage to the property. The most practical way to remove any tree in this situation will be to slowly lower the severed limbs to the ground using a rope. By fixing the rope to the limb, it can then be cut and carefully guided to the ground, thus avoiding contact with any buildings or traffic. Depending on where the hazard is located, several ropes could have to be used to guide the cut limbs.

Trees are usually removed by specialists providing tree services from the top downwards, and what is left is usually cut down or simply tipped over. The little branches are then trimmed from the bigger ones and sent to be loaded into a chipper. This creates wood chips that could be later on used as mulch. The bigger limbs, which are now free of smaller branches, are then cut into firewood sizes and lowered to the ground to be loaded onto a truck.

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